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What's up with the "K"?

Well, that's an inside joke that we'll share here.  Years ago my father "commissioned" a sign for the farm as a present to us.  The person who made the sign for some reason used a capital "K" in RocK.  Since the sign wasn’t going back we thought - why fight it?

Who we are

RocK Meadow Farm was established in 1998 by Janine & David Heck.  Since then it's been a small, but slowly expanding operation.  In 2006 we added a small greenhouse to our property and managed to produce over 4200 plants.  Our focus is to offer local sales of heirloom and antique varieties of herb, flower and vegetable plants that others only offer through mail-order.  Our goal is to provide excellent quality plants at affordable prices.  We only do local, seasonal sales each spring.  Custom grow orders are possible - please contact us for more information.  Our e-mail address and directions to the farm are on the Contact Us page.


Please see our "Is RMF Organic?" page for additional information on the products we use to produce our plants.

We follow organic growing methods as closely as possible, but are not organic. Our seed purchases are from companies that sell only open pollinated, non-treated, non-GMO seeds.   We use fertilizers based on natural ingredients and ecologically friendly methods of pest and disease control.  What we sell we also grow, and eventually eat from our own garden!